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F.Y.T.S is an offspring of the Philadelphia eBoutique The Stylish Vault. Just like The Vault we challenge and encourage women and teens of all genders and ethnicity to be fierce and unapologetic with their fashion choices. Our goal at F.Y.T.S is to help people find their inner style and to be proud of their choice and strut their stuff proudly no matter what negative energy comes their way.


Our Pieces are handpicked by the owner and soon to be influencer Kerrington  “Kerri”Pinckney, a young teen from South Carolina who loves making people feel wonderful about themselves. She lives by her life motto “Sometimes everyone isn’t gonna like what you like, take it, deal with it, and rock the mess out of it until they like it, Start the Trend!”  


Will you be able to take on the challenge and embrace your inner style with NO shame? 


 To inspire youth so that they can rock this world and start the world’s newest trends.

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